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Tasted food and drink South Australia travel dream experience

Date: 2014-02-24

Like food and drink, can't miss the chance to travel south Australia. As ba Rosa (Barossa), wheat with Aaron valley (McLaren Vale) and kunar navarre (Coonawarra) is a key scenic spots, the south Australian tourism but this is only one of many famous wine region of south Australia. If you are keen on food and drink, then to south Australia is very good choice, here a wide variety of delicious you dazzled, too many things to see. Whether shopping market purchase the picnic food, or go to wine tasting, personally enjoy luxury feast or directly into the restaurant, you can get it.
Melting pot of diverse food culture of Adelaide (Adelaide)
Go to any country, must go to the local farmer's Market, we in the first leg of the south Australian capital Adelaide in the Adelaide local Central Market (Adelaide Central Market), Adelaide Central Market is one of the southern hemisphere's largest food Market, place oneself among them, feel the eyes is a bustling scene, mixed with a variety of pure and fresh smell in the air and the noisy sound, is the city center a good place for a much-loved locals and tourists. State of farmers gathered here, sell a variety of mouth-watering food, from oysters to olive oil and all kinds of cheese, you name it. The stall owners continue to supply the Adelaide fresh food, the more the city won a reputation for hospitality. With local gourmet and chefs, put your basket full; Or join a package tour to stand behind the intimate contact the local conditions and customs of the south Australian headquarters of the food. We are booking early "Adelaide Central Market gourmet Tour" (Adelaide Central Market Tour), follow the gourmet Mark, a booth a stall at the time, absolutely worthwhile.
Penfolds maggie's farm not far away from the downtown (Penfolds Magill Estate), is one of the world's capital city closest winery, worth spending an hour on a tour of the famous winery with a long history, including possession of Grange (Grange) of the wine cellar, the Grange has stored since the 1950 s, international reputation. We guided by someone tasting the Penfolds (Penfolds) quality wine, mellow wine, all heart.
If you have time this afternoon to drive to Adelaide Hills of only 30 minutes drive from Adelaide (Adelaide Hills). There is Australia's oldest existing German immigrant han madoff town (Hahndorf), here has the imagination of many European country town elements: ancient house, classical gardens, chic private museums, restaurants and bars. After nightfall, sitting in the street restaurant, a local pig elbow orders, with authentic German beer, enjoy the town's unique German amorous feelings, is definitely a rare experience of travel.
Wine drunk ba Rosa (Barossa)
Adelaide one and a half hours' drive from the capital, ba Rosa (Barossa) as south Australia is one of the most famous wine producing regions viticulture to, deserved has become our second stop. It is composed of ancient ba Rosa Valley (Barossa Valley) and Eden Valley (Eden Valley), its history can be traced back to the early 19th century the first settlers came from Germany. From then on, ba Rosa has gradually developed into a collection of buildings with music, art, food and wine for the integration of rich and vibrant area. Walk today, ba Rosa, cleaves of vines and all is made of green waves, the air is permeated with all the grapes and the scent of flowers and plants, let a person get drunk.